FPA Women’s Health  - Since being established over 40 years ago, professionalism and quality have remained the hallmark of Family Planning Associates Women’s Health (“FPA Women’s Health”). As a nationally recognized and accredited family planning and abortion services provider, FPA Women’s Health offers patients safe and convenient access to quality care in  20 locations throughout California.

Medical versus Surgical Abortion information.

Considering an Abortion? Great resources for decision making from the National ACN (Abortion Care Network – formerly NCAP National Coalition of Abortion Providers)

Online Pregnancy Options Workbook from the Ferre Institute, Inc., 124 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905 | (607) 724-4308 | fax: (607) 724-8290

National Abortion Federation General Fact Sheets

First Trimester Surgical Abortion Information

“Methotrexate and Misoprostaol to Terminate Early Preganancy” New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 333. No 9 (Avg. 31. 1995)

www.AbortionPill.mobi- Everything you need to know about the abortion pill on your mobile phone

www.AbortionClinicsInCalifornia.com -  A directory resource for confidential and discreet abortion services.