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Each patient is different and we take the time to make each patient feel completely cared for and informed of her decision.

Because of this extra attention, the majority of our procedures require two separate appointments.  The consultation occurs at the first appointment and the abortion procedure is performed at the second appointment.

All patients, regardless of type of procedure, must have an initial consultation visit where you will:
  • Fill out and review forms telling us about your medical history and contact information;
  • Receive a pelvic ultrasound to estimate length of pregnancy;
  • Have a few simple lab tests to identify the Rh factor of your blood, and to check for anemia;
  • Discuss what abortion and anesthesia options are available to you;
  • Meet with a staff member to review your medical history, review consent for the procedure and answer any of your questions or concerns;
  • Review aftercare instructions and ways to care for yourself after your abortion.

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