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The employees at Choice Medical Group (Now FPA Women’s Health) are devoted to providing the highest level of care at a reasonable cost.

Abortion Services

Abortion Pill (“At home” abortion)* $525.00
Surgical Abortion up to 13 weeks**
with General Anesthesia $450.00
with Local Anesthesia $450.00
Surgical Abortion over 13 weeks*
13.5 to 16.0 weeks $765.00

Gynecological Services

Sonogram*** $130.00
Mirena (IUD) Birth Control $900.00
Paragard (IUD) Birth Control $900.00
Nexplanon (IUD) Birth Control $1,000.00
Depo-Provera Birth Control* $75.00
“Plan B” Emergency Contraceptive Pill $45.00
Pap Smear / Well Woman Exam**** $70.00
Gonorrhea / Chlamydia Urine Test $120.00
Gardasil Vacccine*** $160.00


* All associated lab work and diagnostic procedures are included in the fee quoted for this particular service (i.e. Hematocrit, Sonogram, Office Visits, etc.).

** Surgical procedures performed after 13 weeks are subject to additional charge of $1,000.00 for patients who have a history of a C-Section.

*** This procedure type is subject to a $45.00 office visit if not performed in conjunction with any other service.

**** Does not include processing and reading of the Pap Smear Specimen, which will be billed separately by the laboratory.

Any additional services (blood tests, radiological exams, etc.) that are performed outside of a Choice Medical Group (Now FPA Women’s Health) location are the patient’s responsibility.

Choice Medical Group (Now FPA Women’s Health) accepts Medi-Cal, PE-Medical, Family PACT, and we are a preferred provider for many health care plans. Insurance acceptance depends greatly on your insurance plan and the benefits that are covered. To determine if you can use your insurance to cover the procedure, please call the clinic nearest you.