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Pregnancies 9 weeks and under may be terminated without surgery by taking oral medications.

Choice Medical Group (Now FPA Women’s Health) understands that some women prefer medication abortions over surgical abortions for various reasons.  We are proud to offer this type of abortion to women.

Medication abortions include an initial consultation and a review of health history like all other procedures.  Two medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are used to terminate the pregnancy. The first medication stops the pregnancy from growing and cells from dividing.  The second medication expels the pregnancy from your body by making the uterus contract.

Medication abortions require that you return to the office for a follow up visit to ensure that your abortion is complete.  The success rate for this type of abortion is 95-98%.  If the medication abortion fails, you will be required to have a surgical abortion to complete the termination, though this happens to very few women.